Resident Evil

Money Man


Bricks, this shit finna kill these niggas
Trauma Tone


I just got a business loan from the bank, ain't gotta pay it back
Never ever, ever keep ya laptop where you stayin' at
Never ever, ever keep them swipes where you layin' at
Took her to grab a purse for half off, her ass was crazy fat
Six foreign cars and I hid the number with the switch-a-roo
And I still got P's, you know my trap jump like a kangaroo
Boy, this shit I burn right here, this shit taste like exotic fruit
My bitch and car they came from the same place and they exotic, too
My plug disappointed cause he know this white collar takin' off
He better shut the fuck up 'fore I have my young nigga take him off
And I'm on the dark web so I'm feelin' like I'm Carnage
The way she give me brain I swear that she must be the smartest
Bought me a computer and I no longer had hardship
Two bitches, they finna have a ménage, I'm on some Barb shit
The swiping, I'm doing it different, stealing from people hurt my conscience
I just took out seven banks last week and make some profit
Switch my internet every week, I'm plugged in with Comcast
Stuffin' my safe with green, I filled it up just like a lawn bag
So many chicks I can't remember they name, I give her a name tag
Sent a tax return through H&R Block and 20K came back
Her skin so smooth
I just can't lose
She wet, no lube
Let me tie my Loubs
She upgraded her boobs
She sendin' me nudes
Resident Evil, my trap house spooky
Nigga burn loud, I don't burn no hookah
Order me a card, hit the mall then use it
Smart with the shit, can't call me stupid
Third row SUV, it's roomy
All these items look like I'm moving
Had to work out a few kinks, I'm human
The chain on my neck make the temperature humid
Shawty Lo racks, I be movin' them units
Never had a beat from Metro, but I don't give a fuck
Never had a vouch from Dre, but nigga, I'm still rich as fuck
On the deep web on Black Box
Million dollar juug, that's cake walk
Wireless net like Straight Talk
Rims offset on my takeoff
Learned how to code and it paid off
Workin' outta town, no days off
Skin so soft, got P's in my loft
And I ordered some drip for me and my bitch
Got CareCredit
I just made ten from the strippers
Hell nah, I ain't no industry nigga
Bae, come here, let me lay down with ya
If I go to prison would you stay down with me?
Took her outta town and you know she swipe with me
Put her on the laptop, girl, start typin'
Deep web drip, these niggas gon' bite it
Every other day free racks I'm strikin'
I seen profile that four years old
On street these profile solid gold
I wipe these so-called street nigga nose
Big bottom shoes, nigga, what are those?

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