F**k Shopping


[Hook – West & Starlito]

I just took the profit, said fuck shopping
Then doubled up on everything that I was copping
My young nigga hit me talking bout some robins
Next week I heard that he was back robbing

You got to stack it up and make it count
I know one bad lick’ll take you out
Buying brand names that you can’t pronounce
I take that same thing and put it in my account

[Verse 1 – Quanie Cash]

I been swerving all day through this traffic
You don’t know the risk I took to get this bread I’m stacking
Can’t explain the reason I’m strapped with this automatic
Before I let you kill me them people gone have to grab me
Know niggas rather rob and hustle, but please don’t jack me
I’m scared of what I might do back, I’m talking closed casket
Bitch blowing up my phone, she’s a money bandit
I remember when I was broke and she couldn’t stand me
I was on the corner serving work up out the plastic
Now they say that I move weight, that’s what rumor has it
Can’t be stupid with that bread, I’m smart enough to stash it
If you had money for a minute then you Quanie Cashing


[Verse 2 - West]

Whole summer it been dry, I been moving packs
Pinch hitter, I got niggas who think they up to bat
I front that shit out to my people, let em double tax
AF2O got that work, now who the fuck is that?
Same team still thugging since my younger days
Hustle don’t fuck with everybody, stuck in his ways
I guess my ways kept me safe, guess it’s safe to say
Hey I was putting niggas on, you was catching plays
Difference between me and you, you ain’t what you say
Keep this between me and you, I said that in your face
So many diamonds in my watch my jewler lost count
Hey I was building on my brand, you was missing out


[Verse 3 – Starlito]

I lost my money so many goddamn times that I went crazy
Never count on anybody that I know to owe me something
Like ay homie, when you gon pay me?
They tryna get in front of me, won’t nobody throw me nothing like
Damn, I should’ve been saving
All this young nigga shit, I done that shit, Lito, brought up in the 80s
Versace, Versace, no not me nigga
My niggas gon chop up this profit
I get off the road, I make a deposit
I’m tryna put my lil cousin through college
Damn right I got it, it’s staying right in pocket
Paying all these bonds so ho your nails might not get polished
Grind hard when I’m [?]
Ain’t shit changed, I’m the same nigga
I didn’t have a dollar to my name nigga
You the type to go broke and then blame niggas
I did three shows in the same ‘fit
FILA bro, I can’t change nigga
Hustle man, Quanie Cash, Lito giving you the game nigga
Make it count


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