Twitter Tightens Up Security for Candidates

Take notes, Facebook.
Stefon Walters

After a slip up not too long ago that left a lot of prominent people with their Twitter accounts hacked (and tweeting out cryptocurrency scams), the social media company decided they'd take steps to make sure they didn't get caught slippin' again.

Twitter is designating a group of "high-profile" people associated with this year's election and making sure they have extra security in place to protect their accounts from potential hackers.

The following people will have to take these extra security measures:

  • Executive Branch

  • Congress

  • Governors

  • People running for Senate, the House, or Governor

  • Secretaries of State

  • Political journalists from major news outlets

As of early September 18, 2020, Twitter's shares are up almost 63% in the past six months. They're still down 8% from this time last year, though.


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Twitter Tightens Up Security for Candidates
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