Apple & Tesla Stock Split

What exactly does it mean and should you invest?
Stefon Walters

In late August, both Apple and Tesla decided to do a stock split to lower their stock price to a more accessible price. Apple, which did a 4-for-1 split, saw its share price go from $500 to $125, with the total number of shares going up to 17 billion. Elon Musk 'nem did a 5-for-1 split taking their price from $2,213 to $444.

On the surface, these stocks seem more appealing to the average person because of their lower prices, but in all actuality, it doesn't really matter. The price may be lower, but the value is still the same. If you have a dollar bill and exchange it for four quarters, you still have $1 worth of money—the only thing that's changed is how it looks.

Don't be fooled, fam. Apple and Tesla shares are expensive as hell right now. We're talking a combo at Five Guys, trip to Whole Foods type expensive.


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