Tesla is Planning to Release Robotaxis

Realistic plan or a smokescreen?

Stefon Walters


April 23, 2019

On April 22nd, Tesla held an event showing off their plans for a robotaxi network by 2020. This system would work like Uber and Lyft, but for self-driving cars.

On one end, Tesla owners will be able to put their cars on the network when they're not using them, and on the other end, people can request rides from the self-driving cars. Of course, this is 100x easier said than done. Tesla faces a whole lotta problems when it comes to making this work.

First, there are liability issues. Folks don't trust self-driving cars as is — it's going to be hard to convince them to all of a sudden start trusting self-driving cars that aren't theirs. 

Then there are the not-so-small problems of insurance and regulations.


There are people who get paid way more than me to worry about those issues, though, so I'll just sit back from a distance and watch how this plays out. Many people believe this plan is just a smokescreen to distract from the fact they lost $702.1 million in the first three months of 2019, and the fell short on revenue and shipping expectations.

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