Microsoft's Bounce Back

It's all about consistency, B.

Stefon Walters


July 22, 2019

Microsoft sits on top of the money charts right now as the only company in the world worth over $1 trillion (that's trillion with a "T"). After reporting that their profits increased by 49% last quarter, the stock's price rose like Jesus on the 3rd day, pushing the House That Gates Built™ past the coveted $1 trillion mark. 

Although Microsoft often lacks the sexy factor that Apple thrives on, it's hard to argue against their results. Over 75% of all computers in the world operate on Microsoft's operating system. Apple comes in 2nd (an extremely distant 2nd) with just over 14%.

Hidden gem: Microsoft Teams. Even though Slack seems to be the hottest new productivity tool in offices around the country, they still lack in comparison to Microsoft Teams – which was released just two years ago has 3 million more daily users.

Microsoft owns the game when it comes to cloud services and productivity tools (thank you, Office), and they're showing no signs of slowing down. The only place they lack is mobile, and at this point, they may be better off chalking that to the game and focusing on their strengths.

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