Mark Zuckerberg Becomes the World's 3rd Richest Person

Mark Zuckerberg is rich as hell, dawg.

Stefon Walters


Sun Jul 08 2018 15:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

There's rich, there's wealthy, and then there's people like Mark Zuckerberg. Last week the 34-year-old Facebook co-founder passed the 87-year-old legend Warren Buffett as the world's 3rd richest person. Zuckerberg is worth just under $82 billion, putting him behind only Jeff Bezos (~$140 billion) and Bill Gates (~$93 billion).  


Two things led to Zuckerberg edging out Buffett -- Facebook's rising stock price and Buffett's extra-generous philanthropy work.


Usually when dropouts find themselves in court, it's not because they sold the data of millions of people, but that was the case with Zuckerberg earlier this year. The Facebook stock took a Michael Phelps dive because of the controversy but has since bounced back like elastic and reached a new peak.


Zuckerberg made a pledge to give away 99% of the Facebook stocks he owns throughout his lifetime and his current salary is only $1. Yes, you read that right. Zuckerberg is Facebook's lowest paid employee, but I guess it's easy to accept that salary when you're worth over $80 billion. He's slowly but surely starting to sell a lot of his Facebook stocks to fund his philanthropy efforts -- including selling $357 million worth earlier this year.

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