Kamala Harris Wants to Fine Companies Over Unequal Pay

It's a shame this hasn't been done already.

Stefon Walters


May 22, 2019

Presidential candidate Kamala Harris released her plan to address the gender pay gap. The plan is fairly simple: fine companies that don't pay men and women the same. The fact that it's 2019 and we need presidential candidates to have plans for making sure men and women get paid equally for doing the same job is telling in and of itself, but I'll focus on her plan for now.

With the new plan, companies with over 100 companies would have to obtain an Equal Pay Certification and prove that any existing pay gaps are based on performance or experience, and not gender. Companies that fail to meet the criteria will have to cough up 1% of their daily profits for every 1% of the gap that exists.

Currently, workers who have pay gap concerns have to file a lawsuit or complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Harris' plan puts full responsibility back on the corporations to be proactive with addressing the issue. After all, why should it be the worker's responsibility to prove they're getting paid less?

On average, women make 80 cents per dollar that men make. Among minorities, these numbers are worse:

  • Black women make 61 cents per dollar.

  • Latino women make 53 cents per dollar.

  • Native American women make 58 cents per dollar.

Take a second to process that.

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