Google's CEO Made $470 Million in 2018

Four hundred and seventy million dollars, fam.

Stefon Walters


May 2, 2019

I assume this goes without saying, but...that's a lot of damn money. It pays to be the CEO, but it really pays to be the Google CEO — just ask Sundar Pichai. 

Although his salary is "only" $650,000, Pichai was able to bring home $470 million in 2018 due to stock rewards. Since becoming Google's CEO in 2015, he has made around $878 million and his net worth is $1.3 billion.

If you look at Pichai's from an hourly rate, that's over $225,000 per hour. Take a second to process that. 99% of people can only dream about making $225,000 per year, let alone each hour.

For perspective, the median hourly wage for the full-time workers in America is $22.50 per hour. 

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