Facebook Finally Gets Fined

...and it's still nowhere near enough.

Stefon Walters


July 15, 2019

Facebook got smacked with a $5 billion fine over data and privacy violations. It's the largest fine ever handed out by the Federal Trade Commission (their job is to basically protect consumers and stop companies from having predatory practices). It may sound like a lot, but it's honestly nowhere near enough considering everything Zuck 'nem have been caught doing.

Hell, the fine was so low that Facebook's stock actually went up, and Zuckerberg's net worth increased by millions after the FTC announced it. That's Zuckerberg laughing at the decision in the pic above (not actually, but I'm sure that was bruh's reaction). 

For a little bit more perspective, Facebook made $5 billion in profits in the first 3 months of last year alone. If the government wants to get serious about getting Facebook in check, they gotta start giving out penalties that will actually do damage, not these petty love taps.

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