Amazon Prime Day 2018: Just How Much Did They Make?

The company broke records, but it wasn't without hassle.

Stefon Walters


Wed Jul 18 2018 17:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

A lot of people who visited during the first hours of its Amazon Prime Day -- which is essentially a "we're so damn big, we can have our own version of Black Friday" type of thing -- noticed things were looking funny in the light. A lot of links led directly to error pages instead of the products folks wanted to buy.


How big was this glitch for Amazon? Some estimate it costed the company $1.2 million per minute. A lot of companies would be happy to make that much money in a month (hell, even a year), and that's how much Amazon missed out on PER MINUTE. Jesus Christ. Take the 75 minutes the glitch was happening and that's $90 million total.

Yet, it didn't necessarily mean anything as they continued to have their biggest day (which was technically 36 hours, but yeah...) in their history. Bigger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined! They didn't release specific numbers in regards to how much they made exactly, but they did say they over 100 million products were sold. Amazon can't seem to lose, dawg.

Amazon also said small and medium-sized businesses had over $1 billion in sales during the event.

Though you can never go wrong with giving your customers deals, the real purpose behind Prime Day is to increase the amount of people subscribed to Amazon Prime -- which they were able to do.

Amazon is valued at $900 billion (sheesh), making it the world's 2nd most valuable tech company behind Apple. That puts Jeff Bezos' net worth at around $150 billion. One hundred and fifty billion dollars, fam. It's time for me to step it up.

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