$300 Federal Unemployment Benefit Is Expiring

What's next?
Stefon Walters

For many Americans (too damn many, unfortunately), their additional $300 weekly federal unemployment benefits end soon. The six-week benefits were put into place on August 1, and unless there's a new agreement on the table soon, many will be without the federal assistance.

Outside of the fact that it's bullshit that the government allowed the $600 weekly benefits to expire in the middle of a pandemic, it's even worse when you think about there being a $100 threshold to receive the extra $300.

Roughly 6% of people receive less than $100 weekly from their state's unemployment program, which means more than 900,000 people didn't qualify for the extra $300.

Let's rephrase this: 900,000 people earn less than $100 weekly, and instead of helping them, the government doubles down and adds insult to injury.


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